About the company

About the company

Corporation "Imperial" has been actively working on the market of dairy products (milk powder, whey powder) since 1996. During this period, we have gained the reputation of a reliable and stable company, which fulfills its obligations.

Our partners

Today the corporation IMPERIAL holds the leading position on the Russian market among the companies specializing in the supply of raw products (milk powder, whey powder) for dairy plants, confectioneries, milk canneries, ice cream manufacturers and other industries. We guarantee high quality of our products.

Our prices

We form the level of selling prices taking into account current market conditions, using a flexible pricing pattern, depending on the lot size of powdered milk, regularity of orders, customer's interests.


Delivery of milk powder is carried out to all regions of Russia. We are interested in long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation and guarantee one hundred percent fulfillment of our obligations. The delivery is carried out with our own transport.

Our Products:

  1. Powdered skim milk (PSM) AUSS
  2. Powdered skim milk (PSM) EXTRA
  3. Whole milk powder (WMP) Standard
  4. Whole milk powder (WMP) EXTRA
  5. Whey powder

Our area of interests also includes:

  • demand and supply of powdered milk (skim, whole)
  • demand and supply of whey powder
  • market analysis of milk powder

If you want to order a car of milk powder, send your request by link Contacts